ACGarage Moves Forward

Hello Folks,

It’s been some time since I’ve worked on ACGarage. It’s about time I really put in some elbow grease to get the site into the 21st Century. I’m making some changes that’ll help the community keep fresh information incoming, and to keep tabs on what’s happening at along with their other interests. I’m also moving away from an Armored Core centric site to a Gaming Community site. The community has branched off to different interests as time moved on, and it’s a community I love. I’m hoping together we can find new common interests, and revitalize the community, as well as bring in new members.

Some new options include WordPress. Users are integrated with the forums, so all you need to do is be logged into the forums to have your account on the WordPress site. If you’re interested in contributing, let me know.

Mobile friendly! I’ve checked it out and it looks like all the new wiz-bang includes mobile functionality. You should be able to easily participate on mobile devices.

RSS Feeds! The forum and WordPress have RSS feeds that you can tap into if you have a reader. For the forum it’s: and for WordPress articles it’s:

I’m still putting some final pieces into place. I welcome back our veteran members, and look forward to seeing new faces.


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