What's everybody been up to?

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Re: What's everybody been up to?

Postby Griffon » Sun Jan 06, 2019 2:52 pm

Fenrir wrote:I'd like to go back and play some of the SNES games I never really got a chance to as a kid. Recommendations welcome :) .

Super Metroid, without question. Assuming you haven't already.
Armored Core has changed.
It's no longer about recreation, originality or ability. It's an endless series of xeroxed metabuilds, made by copycats and sheep. Armored Core, and its consumption of time, has become a hackneyed ruse. Armored Core has changed. Unoriginal players pilot unoriginal ACs, use unoriginal setups. Overpowered weapons on their mech atrophy and degenerate their abilities. Design copying. Weapon copying. Player copying. Tactic copying. Everything is observed, and then copied. Armored Core has changed.
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Re: What's everybody been up to?

Postby Mr. Robot » Thu Jan 31, 2019 1:27 am

Oh man, ACG still exists and there are even posts from 2019. :shock:

Hope everyone is doing swell. I personally screwed up real bad a couple weeks ago at MAGFest by failing to notice there was an Armored Code tournament until after it happened. :(
Mr. Robot wrote:What are you so sad about?

Tieria=Veda now :P

ya, but veda doesn't look hot in a dress. :(

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