Well Hello Again

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Well Hello Again

Postby Mirage » Fri Jan 20, 2017 8:25 pm

Well, it's been 13 years since I signed up here, and nearly what, six since I posted last?

I hope everyone's been doing well!

I just got back from a deployment to Africa, and was feeling pretty nostalgic. Eventually my nostalgia lead to Armored Core 3, which lead me back here (I signed up here on Jan. 1, 2004 after getting AC3 for Christmas in 2003).

It's been WAY too long...
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Re: Well Hello Again

Postby Griffon » Mon Jan 23, 2017 12:56 am

Howdy Mirage, it's been a long time indeed. Not too much to report here aside from the forum update a little while ago, helped keep out the bots.
FROM is confirmed to be working on a new AC game though, so that's nice to have on the horizon, even better if it brings a little activity back here. We'll see.
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