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ACSL: Chrysaetos

Posted: Mon May 16, 2016 7:55 pm
by Griffon
So as it turns out, a group of friends of mine also used to play AC back in the PS2 days, before I met them. We've been fighting each other in fighting games for years but have only ever made passing jokes at who can beat who at AC. But I think as of late there's some drive there to brush off the cobwebs and get some good old Silent Line in. Now my old AC back then was a PoS slow glass cannon, so I've taken what I've learned since then and come up with something a bit more viable. I'd like some critique, if anyone's up for it.

AC: Chrysaetos

Arms: CAM-11-SOL
Rad: RMR-SA44
Inside: -
Ext: -
Back R: CWC-GNL-15
Back L: -
Arm R: MWG-XCW/90
Arm L: MWG-SRFL/70

Option: S-SCR, E/CND, LFCS++, TQ/CE

Now the original idea was to have the RF-160 as the R-arm weapon but opted for something with a bit more power that won't shrink my lockbox like a sniper rifle would. Though I'm not generally accustomed to using energy weapons so I'll have to get used to managing my weapon along with my boost, but hopefully the TQ/CE will alleviate some of that.

EDIT: Just a name change is all.


Re: ACSL: Gavreau

Posted: Thu May 19, 2016 2:29 pm
by Deemer
Looks pretty solid, I'll load the game up later and take a better look. At a glance, the main issue I could see you having is ammo. The energy budget, and the pressure from a fast agile opponent. you might find it tough to keep your shots on point. Beware OB twitch lock breaking

Energy weapons have always been interesting to me in SL. There is a LOT of merit to them considering the serious supremacy of tanks in SL, especially tourney legal GOMAPS. But given how well SL lends itself to very mobile aerial combat, most non tank players forego the idea of energy weapons completely in favor of energy important mobility. Its fascinating to see that in high end SL tourney play, most top contending designs are the two extremes, Tanks and lights. Thats why i always felt quads were an excelent candidate for energy weapons despite the nature of the legs being that they are high drain. Since they are meant to be very mobile ground based weapons platforms that rely on more walking and ground boosting than any other type, they can recover from the drain of the weapons faster without having to drop to less effective altitudes to recharge like bipeds do. In fact, one of the best quads I ever saw was an energy rifle design of RebelSoulPK's at his NC tourney.

.........I wish SL could be on Xlink Kai

Re: ACSL: Gavreau

Posted: Sat May 21, 2016 10:34 pm
by Griffon
Deemer wrote:Energy weapons have always been interesting to me in SL. There is a LOT of merit to them considering the serious supremacy of tanks in SL, especially tourney legal GOMAPS.

Man, I don't even remember SL tournament rules, do you? I wasn't really even planning to use them (hence the SRFL/70) except OP-I. But I only remember the SRFL/70, MG-800, and OP-I appearing on ban lists.

Re: ACSL: Gavreau

Posted: Sun May 22, 2016 2:32 am
by Deemer
SRFL/70, MG-800, OP-I, and the largest solid shield extensions were always the main ones, and are the only parts we banned at our tourneys. The CROW and the biggest solid left arm shield were also common in some circles. The largest shell def tank legs were sometimes banned too

The only part my friends and I avoided as gentelmans rules when we used to play was the MG-800.