ACLR: Anubis

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ACLR: Anubis

Postby Kaihedgie » Thu Jan 16, 2014 5:46 am

Head: CR-H06SR2
(ECM: **********)
Core: C03-HELIOS
(Weight: *********)
Arms: A09-LEMUR
(Cooling: *********)
Legs: LH09-COUGAR2
(Def. Shell: **, Max Leg Weight: ********)
Booster: CR-B83TP
(Boost Accel: *****, Boost Power: *****)
Generator: KUJAKU
(Weight: **********)
Radiator: R03-LINDEN
(Weight: *, Cooling: *********)
Inside: NONE
Extension: IWATO
Back Unit L: CR-WB91LGL
Back Unit R: CR-WB91LGL
Arm Unit R: WR07M-PIXIE3
Arm Unit L: CR-WH79M2
Optional Parts: O01-AMINO, CR-O69ES, CR-071EC, KISSYOH, CR-079L+, CR-O83ES+, MARISHI, CR-O94ESS, KANGI

Overall: S

Oh yes, an S-Rank AC that actually looks cool. I couldn't push it any further with this, even with other arms and head. This one just sits right with me. It's a sleek design with superb fighting ability. Impressive attack power and longevity helped by its weapon of choice, the machine guns and linear guns. Even should the chain gun run out, you still have your hard hitting linear guns and machine gun which are able to outlast two ACs. Tuning was focused on keeping the AC both cool and mobile so as to not burn out when, say, OBing. The most impressive part about the machine is that despite its impressive mobility, it's sporting one of the heftier generators and radiators. Optional parts were chosen to make sure the target stays locked on while boosting its defensive power. KISSYOH is equipped as its AMS to keep any missile-bearing machines off you. The Crest parts were equipped in mind to support the energy shield extension, both its range and energy consumption. The only real weakness I consider it having is the lack of an auxiliary weapon for the left arm should the chaingun run dry. All in all, this is my finest creation since Mujina but considering the back weapons chosen, its true potential can only be drawn out with Human PLUS. Try giving it a black color scheme with purple details for a truly menacing look

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