ACV - 2 of my favorites, Colossus & Iron Will

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ACV - 2 of my favorites, Colossus & Iron Will

Postby Adamantrue » Sun Aug 04, 2013 3:30 pm

Gearing up for Verdict Day, I've spent the better part of the past month reacquainting myself with ACV. It really is the most fun I've had with AC in years, though there are some mechanics & playstyles I'm just too old to acclimate to.

With that said, I've made some minor tweaks to some of my machines, as well as working on some new stuff. I enjoy them all, but there are two in particular I am especially fond of. I figured I'd post them here and see what the pros think.


Beowulf HD103, KT-302,UAM-10 Severn, KT-1N2/Elbrus
Predire FCS190, Sonne GNE530, -, URD-36/ER
Carruba LC55-2 (Specialized for Accuracy)
UST-31 Phoenix
UMM-21 Dimapur
Cycad SR03-2 (Rapid)
Calendula RF11 (Specialized for Power)

Paint Scheme (All)
Main: 120, 100, 75
Sub 1: 150, 160, 150
Sub 2: 50, 65, 65
Glow: 70, 150, 190

I haven't come across a single machine like this online, and most people that see it up close have complimented me on the build from the externals and overall performance. Leave it to 'true to try something unconventional.

Now, the choices on the Weapons (and the Performance specs).

The Laser Cannon is awesome, one of my favorite parts in the game. I have what I've been told is a really good spec on it, with a 8936 Attack, 702 Optimal Range, and a 32142 Energy Consumption. While you can tag people (with it in the Ready Position on one of my Heavies) out to 700m somewhat reliably, I feel much more confident on it inside 500m. When people don't know what's coming, it can be truly awe inspiring.

The Phoenix pods on a Tank isn't something people seem to expect. I set them up and camp around them, using them to spot the enemy, draw fire, an additional distraction, and extra damage. One of my Team said that he hated facing this because if the Carruba, Phoenix pods, or Dimapurs tagged him, the stun from any one would ensure that the rest would get him as well.

Dimapur...I don't have to explain. They're Dual Shoulder Dimapurs. I wanted a CE Damage source, they eagerly volunteered.

My Team really didn't get the Rapid-spec Cycad. I wanted one in particular because I don't want to be forced into using a Subcomputer with a Sniper. My current one has a 2177 Attack, 210 Reload, and a 167 Lock Speed. I'm actually confident that I could get a comparable Attack Power with significantly lower Reload & Lock Speed, but I have a daughter & grand-daughter that need some of my time. Regardless, the Lock Speed is just good enough that I feel that I can use it without a Subcomputer, especially on an AC that is using it as a back-up (the Reload is just a perk). The choice really has made a difference over a Tansy, most recently last night at the end of an awesome Battle Royale where 3 of us had 4-digit AP and were working angles & range.

The Calendula is a really overlooked gun. It can outrange a Lampourde, almost at the same ranges as a Tansy. And in my experience it usually has a higher DPS than a Tansy, admittedly with some important exceptions. Here, its mostly for utility (taking out Turrets & other Base Defenses), as well as extra damage.

Colossus has a major deficiency against Close-Quarter opponents, as well as against certain types of Tanks & Heavies, and people that use cover well on levels where I can't get a good position to set up shop, accepted design flaws due to how hard it hits everything else at longer ranges. Unprepared opponents (and even some that know what's going on) can be devastated long before they even get me in their sites. Partnered with a Close-Quarters machine (my preference being an Autocannon-Pulse Cannon Tank with a smart Pilot), the Team can handle mismatched numbers fairly well.

I've had to apologize to people for playing this. I love it.

Iron Will

HD-21 Sealeye, KT-302, UAM-23 Animas, Cinto LG104-2
UFC-11 Glance, UGN-70/Ho Vital, KT-2R 3/Dafeng, URD 36/EA
UST-31 Phoenix*
UCS-22 Mysore
Arachide EG13 (Power)
KO-2H6/Strekoza (Specialized for Power)

Paint Scheme (All)
Main: 140, 110, 80
Sub 1: 40, 45, 40
Sub 2: 140, 110, 80
Glow: 0, 255, 0

*Overweight with the Phoenix

Bear with me here. There are oddities with Iron Will.

Firstly, I Overweight with the Phoenix pod. I usually begin a match by dropping a Recon jammer & two Turrets, then dropping them both. It is In-Weight with the Jammer, and I can hold on to it for special purposes, but usually I just want to drop my Turrets without being spotted right away. Its extra damage, a diversion, a warning that an enemy is coming. I feel kinda dirty using OW Phoenix on so many of my machines, but it started with Iron Will.

The Defense balance is a little weird, with abnormally high TE and what I would normally consider a deficiency in the CE. Blame the lack of Dual-Shoulder CE Arms. I've considered switching to the Siegfried a number of times, but it doesn't help enough & clashes with the look I want (even worse with the Roland). However, since CE Weapons are generally less accurate and TE Weapons have surges in popularity, and because of my aesthetic tastes, I'm fine with what I'm working with.

The Arachide I favor has a weird spec. 763 Attack, 9 Reload, and a 1219 Energy Consumption. It is the best balance I've ever gotten, and I choose to roll with it. I figure that either people have Defenses that buff out a better Arachide anyways, or they fall way short, so I feel justified with mine. Again, I have a life & took a long break from the game, I don't have the time for leveling up my guns perfectly. And it has served me fine so far.

The Strekoza is also only hitting at 2537, but I have an 81 Reload on it, which I've been told is ridiculously good. I've passed on tons of L Arm Strekozas with better Attack & good enough Reload & Lock times to my Team, as I seem to have a knack for that particular part, but this is the one I use most.

Iron Will is a Rusher, with a thick enough hide & mobility good enough for my needs, and hammering any opponent with Dual-Shoulder Mysores, a Strekoza with an 81 Reload, and an Arachide kills just about everything quickly. I have over 5000 Combat Refresh, so I can trade blows for an extended time & break off for very brief periods (that throws people off a lot). Even worse, if they break off I can usually pursue & catch them again before they are ready. Keep the pressure on & press - press - press.

At one point in time, I could play this AC elegantly, using position & cover, having great control with my mobility. I can't quite get it back since my break from the game (maybe I'm really getting too old), but the build is solid enough that I can be sloppy & still survive. This is a game that I've been playing since AC3, and I'm glad to have a machine that lives up to the legacy of Iron Will.

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