ACV Scout. Sight. Stagger. SIEG.

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ACV Scout. Sight. Stagger. SIEG.

Postby warheit88 » Fri Sep 28, 2012 5:18 pm

So I play a pretty team heavy lightweight with a recon focus named "SIEG" and wanted to hear your input on any ideas or changes that might need to be made or even just comments! I basically rush in using terrain as cover, find foes with Superior recon and camera performance , relay the data with parallel proc from tsukuyomi , and then use weapons with high stagger like handguns & shotguns to support my teammates or simply flee. I am at my best when paired with a skilled operator, knowledge is power as they say. If things get too hot I hit that over boost and I am OUT! Let me know what you think! :mrgreen:

-R arm unit: Oxeye HG25 (Spec. Power)
-L arm unit: KO-3K/NOCTUIDAE (Spec. Power)
-Shoulder unit: SBC-9 /Tsukuyomi
-R bay unit: Oxeye HG25 (Spec. Power)
-L bay unit: KO-3K/NOCTUIDAE (Spec. Power)

-Head: Beowulf HD103
-Core: Surt CR114
-Arms: Llmenau AM28
-Legs: ULG-20/L

-FCS: UFC-10 (Quick-lock type)
-Generator: UGN-70/Ho Vital (High output type)
-Boosters: Tempete BT49 (Low consumption type)
-Recon unit: URD-36/ER (Tracking type)



Booster: 143
HB: 272

KE Defense: 1279
CE Defense: 650
TE Defense: 420

Total Weight: 5,196
Stability: 1,048
Recoil Resistance: 779
Turning Performance: 936
Energy Recovery: 6,157
Repair Cost: 184,800

AP: 26,447
Total Load: 4,095
Loading Capacity: 4,536
Total EN Consumption: 10,873
Energy Output: 17,030
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Re: ACV Scout. Sight. Stagger. SIEG.

Postby warheit88 » Sun Sep 30, 2012 3:18 am

No one has any input? Ah, then i must have created the pinnacle of all things AC. :twisted: LOL! Question: should I use the arms with 251 stability as to shoot faster? Maybe the 241 ones? If I do I will lose out on EN recovery and a bit to boost. THOUGHTS??!! Oh and should I loose the head for something more robust? If I am playing recon is camera performance that crucial if I have those recon units that have the 450 range? Again my boost would suffer but I might be able to squeeze in more AP, EN recovery and possibly a bit more CE def? What say you?!
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Re: ACV Scout. Sight. Stagger. SIEG.

Postby warheit88 » Mon Oct 01, 2012 7:30 am

Changed the FCS to Glance...yup. Not that anyone cares...yup...
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Re: ACV Scout. Sight. Stagger. SIEG.

Postby Gradeus » Thu Oct 18, 2012 8:16 pm

I'd say the Tempete is too slow for a scout. You might get chased down and mauled by Dafeng/Burya/Shinatsu/UBT-25 or anything faster really. Might want to bump that up.
At the same time bump the generator to a Sonne for more than triple of your EN cap. Don't worry about having crap recharge. You can always get out of there and sit for a while. (Use like Dafeng or something pretty fast and not terribly drainy.)
I'm not a fan of Surt either, but that's because I like the UCR-10/A's conductivity for acceleration with the high-power booster (even though it was nerfed.) For some modest defensive increases I'd use the Elbe arms and the Jotun core. Beowulf's scanning has been nerfed heavily, I'm still not a fan even with the Tsukuyomi. Fuxi is fine, way better in scanning, and the lack in defense is covered with the frame change. FCS to Glance, yes.
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