ACV: Einzer V2

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ACV: Einzer V2

Postby RYNO » Wed Jul 04, 2012 3:09 am

After a couple days of testing, I've fine-tuned Einzer to have a little more punch and eek all I can out of the generator, in terms of boosts.
Everything is the same, aside from these things:

FCS: Seber FCS199
Booster: BT-21 Shinatsu

Right Arm: Calendula RF11
Left Arm: Cercis BR424
Right Bay: Cycad SR03-2
Left Bay: Arachide EG13

I've done away with most of the weapons from before, retaining only the battle rifle and switching out the Tansy for a Calendula and a Cercis (pulse machine gun) for the laser rifle. This is because both shoot faster and don't dent into the Energy reserves as much. I added on the Cycad and switched out the FCS to give her a little more breathing room against those damn tanks, and it also helps her hit-n-run better by keeping a little more distance between you and the target.

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