AC:FA Mr Jack

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AC:FA Mr Jack

Postby Kharos » Sun Jan 24, 2010 6:51 pm

Named in honor of the guy who ultimately steered me towards this finished product, and restored my faith in the EKLAKH after the Scarlet Fox was beaten pathetically easily with a blader. Thank you, Karlahn.
EDIT: Turns out he doesn't like the idea of having a NEXT named in his honour, so the name is now Mr Jack.

Regulation Data: 1.40

Frame Parts

Legs: 04-ALICIA/L

FCS, Generator and Boosters

Generator: LINSTANT/G
Main Booster: CB-JUDITH
Back Booster: BB11-LATONA
Overed Booster: I-RIGEL/AO


Arms are integrated machine guns, so no Arm Units, and therefore, no Hanger Units.
R Back Unit: RDF-O700
L Back Unit: OGOTO
Shoulder Unit: GALLATIN02


Capacity: Energy Output full, KP Output full.
Attack: Maneuverability full.
Acquisition: Lock Speed full.
Boost: Vertical Thrust full.
Special Boost: Quick Boost 1 full.
Control: Turning Speed full.


Core Lower: 03-AALIYAH/CLS1
Arm Right: GAN02-NSS-AS2
Legs Back: GAN01-SS-LBS2

Paint Job

Sub: 255, 255, 255
Everything Else: 0, 0, 0

The general strategy is to soften their PA with your arm weapons or 'Primary Fire' and then finish them off with a few OGOTO 'Secondary' blasts.

The radar is there because the arm weapons take up two weapon slots but fire with one button, so I can fire two guns at once, and fire the OGOTO immediately afterwards. Why bother with a 3rd gun when I can have an extra eye?

I may use the JADORE PA moulder instead, but only if the community thinks it's a good idea.

Also, is it true that the farther back your centre of gravity is, the faster you go forward? If it isn't just say and I'll facepalm for you. And finally, is it true that even if your centre of gravity isn't leaning to either side, you will still go faster in either direction if you put stabilizers on your sides?

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