Metal Wolf Chaos XD

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Metal Wolf Chaos XD

Postby Griffon » Sun Jun 10, 2018 11:30 pm

Looky-looky! Devolver Digital has just announced they'll be releasing a remastered version of Metal Wolf Chaos, actually released in the US, and for XBoxOne AND PS4

I am… VERY happy about this.

And you should be too.
Armored Core has changed.
It's no longer about recreation, originality or ability. It's an endless series of xeroxed metabuilds, made by copycats and sheep. Armored Core, and its consumption of time, has become a hackneyed ruse. Armored Core has changed. Unoriginal players pilot unoriginal ACs, use unoriginal setups. Overpowered weapons on their mech atrophy and degenerate their abilities. Design copying. Weapon copying. Player copying. Tactic copying. Everything is observed, and then copied. Armored Core has changed.

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