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Core Nexus update

Postby Vega » Tue Jul 17, 2012 9:18 am


I brief update on our status.
Core Nexus is 1st in Mining Sector, and holding it down. I give Thanks to the entire team, and also to those teams who put up great battles against us along the way. We will continue to fight, and challenge all the booster clans. They don't deserve first ranks, and they will not stay there.

Special shout out to our best supporters: Mobius K[01], War Knight[87], Chase Network[36], Treadbolt[90], Yankee Boy Fool[88], Applesauce[13], DTR420[21], and the new guys endless support, Rommel, and Gore Leech...If I forgot any one I will update, but this list is of those who continually supported our campaign without let up.

Stay legit you guys, and keep fighting.

Our Roster is currently full, but Let us now if you wish to join. We are looking for active players. Not a free ride.

Continue supporting the game everyone, and hopefully our next installment will be what we all dreamed of.
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