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Posted: Sat Mar 22, 2008 9:37 pm
by Happy
Well this is more of a game system question rather than just a videogame question....

Ok when I power up my PS3, it logs on, yadda yadda. But a few moments later, it logs off of the server, making it very difficult for me to get the current upgrade for COD4. I have reset the system, unplugged the router, etc. Is there something else I could try? It seems like every time I manually log in too, it logs me off a few minutes later. Can anyone help me?? Thank you!! :D

Posted: Sun Mar 23, 2008 1:45 am
by VeilSide
what router do you have?

Posted: Sun Mar 23, 2008 4:21 am
by Happy
It's the same as Griff's, the linksys one 2.4 didn't do this when I first got it...idk what made it like "spark" :/ It worked ok tonight and I was finally able to get the dl I needed, but it's funny cuz when I log on to play online, it stays on to let me play the games....idk maybe there's a woman in there who is tempermental and jacks with the wires every so often...:P

Posted: Sun Mar 23, 2008 6:45 am
by VeilSide

well, since you have a windows laptop, this may probably go smoother than when we tried optimizing griff's router through his mac, but it may still be troublesome. i had to pretty much discover these myself when i went through similar problems. good luck finding these instructions on google lol.

tl;dr - just wait till we meet up at your place next weekend or something. otherwise, you can try doing it yourself using these easy steps:
  • on your laptop, click on [start] -> [Control Panel].
  • go to "Network and Internet Connections"
  • go to "Network Connections".
  • if your laptop has a hard connection to the router via an network cable, highlight "Local Area Connections". if your laptop is wirelessly connected to your router, highlight "Wireless Network Connection".
  • right click on the one you chose and go to [Properties].
  • this should bring up a dialog with several tabs at the top. you should be in the "General" tab.
  • near the middle of the dialog should be a checkbox list titled "This connection uses the following items:". scroll down until you see "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)." double-click on this.
  • this should bring up another dialog called "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties". choose and enter in the following:
    • Use the following IP Address:
      • IP address:
      • Subnet mask:
      • Default gateway:
    • Use the following DNS server addresses:
      • Preferred DNS server:
      • Alternate DNS server:
  • click [OK] to close your current dialog.
  • click [OK] again to close the previous dialog. the changes may take a few seconds to take place automatically. if not, then just reboot your laptop.
what these steps do is give your laptop a static IP address. this is to eliminate the possibility of your computer and the PS3 have conflicting IP addresses. also, we're going to forward some ports on your router later to not only help with your PS3's connectivity, but your laptop's connectivity as well for things like... oh, downloading torrents and the like. and this should help towards that.

now, we're going to do the same on your PS3:
  • after logging into your PS3 account, go to [Settings] -> [Network Settings] -> [Internet Connection Settings].
  • a warning will pop up. select [Yes] and choose the following options:
    • Select a setting method: Custom
    • Select a connection method: Wired Connection
    • Select the operation mode of the network device: Auto-Detect
    • IP Address Setting: Manual
      • IP Address:
      • Subnet Mask:
      • Default Router:
      • Primary DNS:
      • Secondary DNS:
    • MTU: Automatic
    • Proxy Server: Do Not Use
    • UPnP: Enable
  • look over the list to make sure everything is in order, then press the X button to confirm.
having fun yet? :D now your PS3 has a static IP address. now, we're going to forward some ports on your Linksys router:
  • on your laptop, open up a browser. whether it be Internet Explorer or Firefox, it shouldn't matter.
  • obsolete firmware may lead to connectivity problems, so go here to get the latest firmware for your router. download it to your desktop or something and follow Linksys' instructions on how to install it. in most cases, i think it should be ok to just double-click on it and it should run on its own. i think you may have to reset the router afterwards too. check the instructions if you're not sure.
  • after that's done, go to: in your browser.
  • this may bring up a login dialog. since you have a linksys brand router, the default login is blank and the password is "admin" unless you have previously changed these yourself already.
  • once you're in, click on "Applications and Gaming". this should bring you to a tab titled "Port Range Forward". you should see a table with multiple fields. fill them in with the following values:
    • Application: PS3-1
      • Start: 80
      • End: 80
      • Protocol: TCP
      • IP Address:
      • check this row's "enable" checkbox.
    • Application: PS3-2
      • Start: 443
      • End: 443
      • Protocol: TCP
      • IP Address:
      • check this row's "enable" checkbox.
    • Application: PS3-3
      • Start: 5223
      • End: 5223
      • Protocol: TCP
      • IP Address:
      • check this row's "enable" checkbox.
    • Application: PS3-4
      • Start: 3478
      • End: 3478
      • Protocol: UDP
      • IP Address:
      • check this row's "enable" checkbox.
    • Application: PS3-5
      • Start: 3479
      • End: 3479
      • Protocol: UDP
      • IP Address:
      • check this row's "enable" checkbox.
    • Application: PS3-6
      • Start: 3658
      • End: 3658
      • Protocol: UDP
      • IP Address:
      • check this row's "enable" checkbox.
    • Application: CoD-1
      • Start: 3074
      • End: 3074
      • Protocol: UDP
      • IP Address:
      • check this row's "enable" checkbox.
    • Application: CoD-2
      • Start: 3075
      • End: 3075
      • Protocol: UDP
      • IP Address:
      • check this row's "enable" checkbox.
  • [OPTIONAL] with the Port Range Forward table still up on your browser, open up your uTorrent.
  • click on [options] -> [Preferences] and select [Connection] from the tree.
  • there should be a field titled "Port used for incoming connections:". write this number down.
  • make sure the checkbox titled "Randomize port each time uTorrent starts" is not checked.
  • go back to the Port Range Forward table in your browser and fill in this last row:
    • Application: uTor1
      • Start: [the uTorrent port you wrote down earlier]
      • End: [the uTorrent port you wrote down earlier]
      • Protocol: UDP
      • IP Address:
      • check this row's "enable" checkbox.[/OPTIONAL]
  • Click on the [Save Settings] button.
and you're done! this should drastically prevent seemingly random disconnections for your PS3. also, try not to download any torrents or any other heavy downloads while you play online with your PS3.

easy, eh? :D

Posted: Sun Mar 23, 2008 4:15 pm
by Happy
WOW that must have taken you forever to type :P I got the first part of the steps down, but I can't do the 2nd part...when I type in "admin" it doesn't work...and I don't think I changed the password on this, I'm not smart enough for that :P :/

Posted: Sun Mar 23, 2008 11:19 pm
by VeilSide
serious..? hmm...
my experience with linksys routers is like:

password: admin

so, i dunno. the complete fix may have to wait till we all hang out at your place or something. have you at least gotten to the part where you update your router's firmware?

Posted: Mon Mar 24, 2008 1:46 am
by Black Wyvern
I just DMZ'd mine when I was on a Linksys after I set the PS3 to a static IP. That usually fixes everything. But having a UPnP 'capable' router [Linksys has it, but dosent seem to work] makes it easier.


Posted: Wed Oct 28, 2009 10:21 pm
by Flea
Kitsune wrote:Alright, I just finally got my DVD-ROM drive on my XPS (desktop) to work so I installed Oblivion on it. Installation seemed to go by without a hitch, and I started up the game fine as well. However, after the starting movie, I keep getting a Microsoft (I hate you) error message. I've tried reinstalling, restarting, playing the game in only windowed mode, and even lowered the graphics settings a little (weren't too high to begin with). Nothing...
If anyone has any advice, it would be much appreciated.

did u try to lower frame and change your graphics card settings?(had the same problem so i lowerd the actual graphics on the card to preformance do that and should make your fps go a bit better) or try checking your cards vid bytes(the cards video mem.)cant help you farther than that(if ist already don srry....