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Monster Hunter: World

Posted: Sun Jan 06, 2019 2:50 pm
by Griffon
While I've been playing a handful of games through 2018 and still have a few left to finish, I have to say this year in gaming for me has been absolutely dominated by Monster Hunter: World. For anyone who hasn't played it, the title is pretty explanatory of the premise. There are monsters, you hunt them. You start off the game with only the most basic of equipment, and your choice of 14 different types of weapons, all of which play completely differently. Then you venture forth and gather materials to craft healing potions, mine ores and pick bonepiles for material for armor, and hunt some of the weaker monsters, and upon defeating them you carve them for scales, teeth, claws, etc. and use it all to craft stronger armor and new weapons to be able to take on stronger monsters, and use their stuff to make better armor and weapons to take on even stronger monsters. There's quite a lot of grinding, which I'm normally not that fond of, but Monster Hunter manages to make it pretty damn fun. Join a squad and hunt with friends if a monster is giving you too much trouble, this game comes with a metric ton of content.