Strike Suit Zero [Directors Cut]

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Strike Suit Zero [Directors Cut]

Postby The Dark One » Mon Mar 10, 2014 4:42 pm ... p/43099656

I found this on one of the many,MANY times I have searched for any news or any hope,of a reboot/sequel to my beloved Colony Wars series. I have wished for a revival of CW for years and years,only to be ultimately crushed when I heard Sony shut down Studio Liverpool.

Strike Suite Zero was apparently a 2012 made PC game that I have never heard of and after testing my laptop and primary computer at Can I Run It dot com,I find I am no where near the hardware level needed to run it. It strikes me as being similar to CW,in that its free flight but reminds me a lot of Omega Boost,in that your fighter can change into a mech,which is also bad ass. The directors cut Alpha videos are gorgeous and I bet the final product is even better,I just wish they could have made a PS3 version,even if it wouldn't look quite as nice. I still cannot find a PS4 for the life of me,and now I no longer have the money for one :cry:

maybe I should have not gotten that 120 dollar Netgear R6200 router and kept the money for the PS4,which with a 200 dollar gamestop card,would have been enough. I wanted a faster wifi connection,for when I DO get the PS4 tho and I am hoping the PS4 can use the 5 Ghz signal for better quality.

In any case,I doubt I can get a PS4 any time soon,since they are no where to be found and I am hoping later in the year (birthday,perhaps) I will have enough and can actually find one to begin with. When I do,this will be one of the games I get.Fortunately,I had already pre-ordered and payed for Dark Souls II (tomorrow,yaaay!) and I am sure it will keep me busy for quite a while,until I get a PS4. Until then,I will remember this game.

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