Final Fantasy A Realm Reborn

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Final Fantasy A Realm Reborn

Postby Quetzac » Tue Jun 18, 2013 10:01 am

Alright, I'll start this thread. Its in open beta and we're not allowed to discuss its gaming content. Its been scheduled to release this August and since its also available for the PS3, I'm wondering if anyone here is thinking about it.

Unless your legacy its $13.00 a month for one character per server or $15.00 a month for 8 characters per server.
I also want to pre-empt any f2p, b2p and p2p nonsense by just saying a large part of the XIV community is pro p2p and saying this or that about it won't change that. The overall consensus with them is f2p's are garbage, and b2p's won't have the kind of end game content that the players want. Basically, their playerbase seems to be in it for the long haul stating that p2p is better for the game and the community as a whole. All I can say is I've dabbled in f2p MMO's and was never quite happy with them. It was either pay to catch up or spend hundreds of hours... so yeah, I'm gonna try this one out to see if subs are worth it.

*f2p = Free to play (aka Pay to win) Good for non commitment, cash shops nickel and dime their players from in game 'Hurdles', for power gear and cosmetics
*b2p = Buy to play (One time purchase, Guild Wars 2) Good for those who are unsure about MMO's..? End game content is debatable
*p2p = Pay to play (Monthly fee) I'm paying money for this, your dam right I'm committed! Best in the long term or so I hear.... except for your wallet.

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