Perpetuum Online - EVExMechwarrior ;)

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Perpetuum Online - EVExMechwarrior ;)

Postby Promethius » Mon Apr 29, 2013 10:50 am


I was scouring the Internet the other day for a nice, sandbox MMO and stumbled across this little gem. I've been playing it for a couple days and I really like it.

It clearly borrows a lot of ideas from EVE online (e. g. one persistent server, almost the entire interface, the lock-on mechanic), so anyone whose played EVE before will be able to pick this game right up. The big thing that makes it different is the ground-based combat. It's a lot more fun being able to actively walk around rather than just passively clicking things and hoping your ship does what you really want it too. Furthermore, you can't shoot through object and terrain which means you can actually take cover to hide from enemy missiles.

I'm not very far in the game yet, so I haven't seen any of this first-hand--I'm just relaying information I've heard other players talking about.

All in all, I can't see any major problems with this game save for one main issue: the game's population is extremely tiny. And, unfortunately, most of the people who are still playing are veterans, so there isn't a wide range of players. But this game definitely has a lot of potential and it's never going to achieve that potential unless we all start playing and blowing each other up.
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Re: Perpetuum Online - EVExMechwarrior ;)

Postby Odin » Fri May 10, 2013 3:47 am

Sounds pretty sweet, I don't have real internet at the moment so I can't really check it out though =[
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Re: Perpetuum Online - EVExMechwarrior ;)

Postby Quetzac » Tue Jun 18, 2013 10:21 am

Aww man, if I wasn't soured from MechWarrior online I'd probably be all over this. It really does look like a mesh of EVE and MWO.

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